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Port industry

Augmented 3D machinery repairing guidance system for a port

The system provides an interactive 3D visualization guidance for repairing procedures. Technicians can disassemble, repair and assemble the machine appropriately through following the guide step by step. In each step, the system presents the disassembly or assembly sequence, tools, specific tips and multi-personnel cooperation sequence. Corresponding repairing standards and the related technical files can be quickly found by clicking the 3D models.

Tobacco industry

Augmented 3D machine management system for a cigarette factory

The system enables the customer to have a clear overview of the status of the whole machinery. It provides various functions including basic information management, lubrication management, spare parts management, machine failure management, shift management etc. Lean operation management is achieved through visualized task schedule and reminding, context-based operation standards pushing, model-based task records collection and so on.

Intelligent machine management system for a tobacco machinery manufacturer

Intelligent machine management system takes machine management to lean level. The system provides: 3D context-based real-time machine status monitoring Automatic alarm reminding with highlighted 3D model Visualized machine commissioning guidance Complete machine data and records management.

Petrochemical industry

Augmented 3D management system for a natural gas compressor station

The system provides an overview of the station, employees can get a clear map about the duties and the related area. Model-based inspection records accumulation makes the basis for long-term pipeline status tracking and predictive maintenance.

OEM industry

Augmented 3D change-over operation training system for an OEM

The system visually presents CO points distribution, preparation of CO parts, tools, PPE and standard CO operating procedures in the form of 3D scene animations, which prepares personnel to act appropriately in the real CO situation. Incorporated evaluation module enables instructors to compare the operations and make further improvement.

Water supply industry

Augmented 3D monitoring system for a water supply pump station

The system provides a dynamic live view of the pump station. Monitoring data are presented in a hierarchical way using different levels of 3D contexts, which enables the users to make quick shift from the overview to the specific machine view. Alarm status automatically display in the 3D context using highlighted 3D model. Historical data storage, query, data exports and visual chart display for statistical analysis.

Other industries

Augmented 3D machinery installation management system for a famous FMCG company

The system enables customer to make a virtual trial and error of the installation process, and avoid risks and accidents in real implementation. The project period was shortened from 3 months to 24 hours with virtual planning and optimization. The system provides: 3D presentation of the field layout, environmental conditions, animated machine delivery sequence and path. 3D context-associated Gantt chart of the work schedule Visualization delivery of the installation records and documents.

Digital electrode foil manufacturing plant

Large scale 3D scene real-time rendering: 40 electrode foil production lines, AS warehouse, plus packing and logistic area and machines, around 80,000 models in total.
3D context-based presentation of 10,000 real-time data points and alarm visual reminding. Data driven simulation of manufacturing process, packing process and logistic delivery. Machine imaging inspection records management.

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