VizArena platform

Three-dimensional real-time interaction, multi-model management. Customized interfaces, be able to integrate with various systems including: Management systems such as ERP, MES, and SAP Control systems like SCADA, PLC, and DCS Video surveillance systems and positioning systems etc.

Augmented 3D context design based on lean management thinking

Augmented 3D context is designed and built according to the enterprise management level, management area, and management positions Quick switch among multi-context, context-based events data push and feedback.

Augmented 3D model & real-time rendering

Equipment composition structure based “direct point and select” operation and hierarchical operation. Model display attributes are dynamically adjusted. Support real-time rendering of large scenes constructed with 100,000 independent models.

Augmented 3D context animation & virtual simulation

Simulation of production process, equipment motion, material status. Supporting simulation driven by real-time signals. Supporting virtual SOP guiding simulation.

Online data & offline data

With online data connection, the data displays in the 3D contexts, the alarm displays using the highlighted 3D model with camera position. Offline data such as various manuals, reports, drawings, photos can be managed by the corresponding 3D models.

Multi-terminal support

Provide terminals according to the application purposes. Supporting both C/S, B/S architecture, public cloud, private cloud deployment.There are five types of terminal for:

  • Large screen
  • Conference screen
  • PC
  • HMI
  • Mobile terminal

Products and services

Customized 3D management software, machine hidden problem inspection, imaging inspection devices

Augmented 3D wisdom operation management system

Wisdom operation management system is built with augmented 3D contexts which are established according to the management requirements and provides the foundation of data and information management.
With context-based management:
Operation standards can be followed and performed correctly
Documents and records for every machine are completely archived
Reports and records for every event such as machine inspection, lubrication, spare parts changing are archived
Machine hidden problem management using imaging inspection

Augmented 3D production monitoring system

3D context-based presentation of data and virtual production process which is synchronized with the actual process.
Data are presented in company with the corresponding equipment
Automatic highlight and positioning to the alarm signal associated equipment

Augmented 3D operation and maintenance system for OEM

Complete and interactive presentation the machine performance, features and advantages.
Visualization delivery of equipment technical files, operation manuals, maintenance manuals and so on.
Records management of every spare part and consumable.

Augmented 3D training system

3D animation enhances learner comprehension of complex information and enables operators to understand, learn, and do better.
Instant knowledge transfering
Production process presentation
Visualization training in commissioning, start-up procedures, change-over and maintenance procedures etc.
Visual comparing of training video records and identify areas that require improvement

Augmented 3D equipment maintenance APP

Provide visualization reference for coping with typical equipment failure by presentation of various failure phenomena, failure causes, and trouble-shooting methods.
Convenient typical failures searching function Handy photo or video records taking for operator reporting onsite problems immediately.

Augmented 3D HMI

Intuitive presentation of equipment structure and features
3D model-based operating and maintenance standards searching
Quick accumulation of equipment maintenance knowledge and experience with operation records management

Augmented 3D production line installation management system

The augmented 3D installation project management system provides visualized project plan and virtual trial and error of the installation process, which helps the project managers optimize the solution in advance at a low cost, reduce the onsite risks and improve coordination of the involved parties.

Complete imaging equipment inspection devices

Micro-vibration detection and image magnification system
Handheld thermal imager
Sonic industrial imager
Pipeline internal leakage quantitative analyzer
Power quality analyzer & motor analyzer

More customization of 3D management systems

We provide more services for you: 3D context design, 3D animation, virtual simulation system development, enterprise management system development.

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Equipment Inspection Service

Most of the abnormalities in production are caused by the hidden equipment problems. Equipment inspections can identify the minor issues before they turn into costly repairs and ensure machines are working correctly and helps prevent equipment downtime.

  • Mechanical problems: vibration, structural deformation
  • Pipeline problems : external leakage and internal leakage
  • Electrical problems: leakage, blockage, broken, burned, stuck, loose connection